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Our in-depth knowledge of design and construction means you can count on us to be your frontline; leading and guiding your construction team in a way that keeps everyone motivated and focussed on the ultimate goals of the project.

We have years of regional experience working with top contractors on a diverse range of developments. Our partnership approach means we work closely with you every step of the way. We play a pivotal part in your project, from procuring hard to source materials to suggesting innovative ways to save you time and money. We’ve trained with and built strong relationships with some of the region’s most renowned contractors.

We also have a proven track record in providing first class support in all aspects of sustainability, BIM and commissioning. Our technology and proprietary tracking systems means we can also ensure your project sticks to its timelines and targets.

BIM / Virtual Construction

Our approach to using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and international standards in Building Information Modelling across all our projects means we can help contractors and their teams dramatically reduce mistakes and waste, ultimately saving valuable time and money.

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Green Building Certification

As a US Green Building Council member and with more than a decade of expertise in creating sustainable buildings, we know what it takes to ensure a project is environmentally responsible. We provide top support to contracting teams to ensure projects fulfill all requirements, and measure up to stringent green certification systems.

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CxA Commissioning

Commissioning is at the heart of what we do. It’s a vital process that is employed right from the first design stages through to handover and beyond, to help guarantee the operational success of a project. Contracting teams have called on our expertise in everything from high tech laboratories to high performance schools.

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MEP Forensics And Independent Analytics

Whether it manifests itself as a major breakdown of a building’s MEP systems or as a more minor issue relating to project performance, forensic analysis is used to get to the heart of the problem and find the best possible solutions. Forensics is the expert investigation and analysis into the cause of any failures or defects that may arise during a project’s operational phase.

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Unwanted noise can have a significant impact on the health and happiness of a project’s occupants. We’ve years of experience of helping contractors source valuable acoustical solutions that can greatly enhanced the outcome of a development, no matter the scale or scope of the project.

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Specialist Training & Professional Development

We’ve worked with leading contracting teams in the region to offer valuable training and support. Our impressive range of training, consulting and research services cover every aspect of green building and sustainable design and have already attracted over 2000 people from more than 200 organisations.

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